Study Guide - Bachelor Course in Information Systems

Organizational matters:

Before you can start your studies, you have to enroll at the university. To do that, you have to fill in an application for the enrollment, which you can get via the internet or in the registrar's office (building A4 2). For your enrollment you need a certified copy of your university entrance certificate (A Level or similar), a photocopy of an official identification document, a confirmation of your health insurance that you have an existing insurance coverage, a passport photo and a receipt that you paid the dues for the semester. Further information to a special arrangement and eventually additional needed documents can be found here

After successful enrollment you get a mail with important documents like access data for the university network and the student identity card, which is validated for the first semester already and thus qualifies to use the public means of transportation.

For every following semester you have to renewal your matriculation. To do that, you have to pay the dues for the semester in a allowed time. Short time after this, you can validate your student identity card , so that you can still use the ticket for public transportation. All information about the organization can be found at the websites of the university of saarland and the faculty of information systems. There you can find information of [procurement of housing5 as well. The information about the German Federal Law on Training and Education Promotion (called Bafög) can be get via the website of the university, the student services or the official website of the German Federal Law on Training and Education Promotion. A calculator for the Bafög can be found here

Is there a numerous clauses for the study of information systems?

No. The course information systems at the university of saarland is free of admission. That means, that you do not have to apply but instead you can enroll directly. Everyone who wants to study information systems gets a guaranteed place :).

What is the standard period of study for the bachelor degree course?

The standard period of study has an amount of six semester. In this six semester the students have to acquire 180 Credit Points. You can start the study in the winter or summer semester, but the start at the winter semester is recommended.

What are credit points?

The credit points, which you can get through a lecture, represent the amount of work. One credit point matches a study effort of 30 hours. E.g that means, that a core course with 9 CP has an average amount of work of 270 hours.

How many credit points do I have to get per semester?

Normally, you have to get 30 CP per semester. The minimum requirements are 9 CP after one semester, 18 CP after two semester, 54 CP after four semester (in which at least 18 CP are from the field "economic science", 18 CP from the field "computer science" and 6 CP from the field "information systems"). If you do not reach these minimum requirements, the student will be notified that the goal achievement of the study is in danger. In addition, a counseling interview is offered. If a student cannot reach the minimum requirements for the second time, he will loose his/her right to examination at every university in Germany. Those affected will be informed by a written notification from the examination board.

What is the examination board?

The examination board has nine elected members and their elected representative. One of these members has the chairmanship. Among other things, the duties of the examination board are the processing of applications from students and the progress view after every semester. Beyond that, the examination board makes sure that the terms of the examination regulations are adhered.

What is the Vipa?

The Vipa is the virtual examination platform from the economic examination secretariat. You can find here all information about your university course and get the latest information about your lectures and the examination regulations. During the register period, you have to register at the Vipa for all your lectures. Without a registration you cannot participate at the examinations for these lectures.

Is there a final exam in the bachelor degree course?

The bachelor degree course consists of examination achievements during the study and a final paper, the bachelor thesis. That means, that there are no final exams but instead every lecture contains performance control. Thereby, every semester the student has the opportunity to form his/her degree on his own once more.

When will I get my bachelor's degree?

Students who can show an amount of 180 CP get the bachelor's degree. This consists of the results from the performance control and the bachelor thesis.

How does these performance controls look like?

Performance controls are part of every lecture and they appear in different kind of forms. Despite oral or written exams , project works are possible as well. You can find more details in the examination regulations. If you pass these performance controls, the student will get the corresponding CP from the module. The result of every graded exam will flow in the grade of your graduation.

What happens if I cannot participate in an exam?

You will need to prove a valid reason, if a student cannot participate in an exam. In case of illness a doctor's certificate has to be submitted immediately. When a candidate does not participate in an exam without a cause, the exam qualifies as not passed. The same qualifies for a student, who tries to deceit or uses inadmissible aids for the exam

Which lecture do I have to audit?

The curriculum of the three-year bachelor study course has a total volume of 180CP and is divided in the following fields.

Which language course do I have to audit?

A certain language level is required for english, french, spanish and italian. You have to take a grading test for these languages. Further information can be found at the homepage from the Sprachenzentrum.

How do I plan the first semester?

Basically, there is no strict order for the lectures of the course of studies. Based on the specialized Development and with view of the described semester above, a recommendation of the curriculum was developed, which renders assistance for designing the semester in detail. Because most of the relevant lectures do not occur repetitive every half year, the schedules are different for the winter or summer semester depending on the study start. Immediately before the start of the semester you can see in the LSF-System in the menu Lectures/course catalog where and when the chosen lectures occur. Additional information (e.g. the registration for the exercise groups etc.) will be provided in the first lecture. To hear more about your chosen study course before the actual start of courses, there are introductory and orientation events. Beside that, the visit of special pre-courses are being recommended for the targeted special field and beyond that give the opportunity to get in touch with the university and your fellow student a few weeks before the start of courses.

What is WINFOline?

WINFOline is an online platform, which enables to track other information system courses at other university online and to bring them in the study. At the end of the course there will be an exam as well.

What is the bachelor thesis?

The bachelor thesis is a project work, which is accomplished through instruction. It shows, that the candidate is able to solve a problem of computer science under guidance and to document the results in a given deadline. The thesis can be written in english or german and with an application even in another language. The process time of the bachelor thesis is nine weeks. More details can be found in the examination regulations.

What is the student council?

The student council is a representative of the students for each associated study course. It consists of elected members, who take care of the concerns of the students and are so to say the "voice" of the students. The student council takes care , e.g. that the suggestions to use the tuition fees from the students are being redirected to the right places. At the homepage of the student council are many more information about their work.